16 September, 2014

Jess Franco's final film to open in Spain next week!

THE RETURN OF THE ALLIGATOR LADIES will have its theatrical premiere in Spain on September 26 at the Malda' in Barcelona, and on the September 27 at the Artistic Metropol in Madrid. 

Jess Franco's last film, which was completed after his 2013 death by his longtime leading actor and friend, Antonio Mayans, is finally opening theatrically in Spain next week. Mayans, who did the post production and shot some additional footage, was the logical person to complete this very last "Jess Franco" movie. 
As is seen in the trailer, this is another Al Pereira neo-noir, with the favorite Jess Franco PI still encountering sinister men, sexy femme fatales, while on the cellphone with the his late director friend. This looks to be an amusing, colorful, adventure-comedy, full of in-jokes, which closes off the director's long series of films about the sleazy detective. Antonio Mayans certainly looks the part and can hold the villains and audience at gunpoint with assurance and class.
It should be noted that the name Al Pereira surfaces in Franco's universe in his 1962 Eurospy-noir thriller, LA MUERTE SILBA UN BLUES and the character was also embodied by Eddie Constantine in the 1966 CARTES SUR TABLE and then Howard Vernon in the 1972, LES EBRANLEES. More information on the showings, and hopefully a review of the film itself will follow.

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