22 June, 2013

Additional scene added to upcoming Blu-ray


The queen is not happy. Her scenes have been removed from CHRISTINA, PRINCESS OF EROTICISM (because they did not originally belong there). We explained to her that they will be viewable as a separate entity, in their entirety, on the Blu-ray of A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD. But she is still not pleased.

I'm very pleased Redemption is releasing this on Blu-ray in the original director's cut and with a lot of Special Features, including the later "zombie" version with inserts shot by Jean Rollin. This was the first version I saw on grey market from VSOM, a composite of all the footage, including this amusing, sexy-surreal insert of Alice Arno as a "queen" presiding over an orgy on the lawn of a villa. Franco regulars Pierre Taylou (Exorcism) and Wal Davis (THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR, YUKA) can also be seen in this scene. This will be presented as a separate element. Also included is a commentary by Tim Lucas. Look for it in August!

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