22 July, 2012


THE FREEDOM GAME (1973): Directed by Jess Franco. Screenplay by Robert Woods. Producer: Harry Alan Towers. Cast: Robert Woods. Filming location: Canary Islands.
Here's another never-filmed Jess Franco project brought to my attention by Robert Woods, who wrote this Western for producer Towers. Jess was going to direct in the Canary Islands with Robert (a veteran of numerous Spaghetti Westerns) in the lead.. Robert and Jess went to the Canaries from Madiera, after shooting the two MACISTE films together there, to scout locations. But the money never came through from Towers and this Jess Franco Eurowestern never happened.
Franco came close to the western genre with EL LLANERO (1963) and Les Chatouilleuses (1974) but never quite got around to making one. Thanks to Robert Woods.
Image: Roquenublo Gran Canarias

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