31 December, 2010


Intervision Pictures, a newly formed DVD company founded by Larry Gold Sr., will release Jess Franco's LOS OJOS SINIESTROS DEL DOCTOR ORLOFF (1973) along with his most recent erotic thriller PAULA-PAULA on DVD this coming January 11, 2011. These will be the first US DVD presentations of these titles.

I'll be reviewing these releases here as soon as I get screening copies.

We'd also like to welcome Nzoog to our administrative team. 


brainbug said...

Amazon.com has LOS OJOS set for a February 8, 2011 release.

tjb said...

I'm looking forward to your review, since I enjoyed the movie more than many people, but am skeptical about this DVD.

Regarding the previous post, congratulations on completing your Franco book. For an unsolicited, two-cent suggestion, have you considered TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR for the title, which I think would correspond to Franco's "Al Otro..." (not "el"), and aptly describes the experience of watching a Franco film? THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS is already taken, of course!

I know Stephen Thrower's book is coming out this year - what's the third possible Franco title?

Robert Monell said...

I'm also planning to publish this blog here in book form. I can do that anytime but it may be a self-publishing effort and that's not the third book. Someone else is preparing a JF epic. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR is titled thus not so much after AL OTRO LADO DEL ESPIJO (1973) but because Franco's filmography takes us to a different place, we literally and figuratively go to the other side of the mirror into a new world. An it's not finished as the manuscript still needs work so that's why I used the word HOPEFULLY. It's very different in concept from all previous JF books and it's most important that if be done RIGHT.