30 May, 2010


VAMPYROS LESBOS turns 40! Around this time in 1970 Jess Franco was filming his iconic VAMPYROS LESBOS in Istanbul, Barcelona, Alicante and Berlin. The rest is history...

Here's a quick quiz: here is Jess Franco as he appears in one of his own films. What film is the cap from and what is the name of the character he plays?

Also, I'll be adding a review of the excellent 2009 DVD of Luis Bunuel's DEATH IN THE GARDEN, a rare 1956 jungle adventure film with political overtones. In the meantime there are some new reviews of other Bunuel films by Mario Gauci on CINEMADROME, THE LUIS BUNUEL FILM FESTIVAL thread. Go to wwww.cinemadrome.yuku.com or click on the link at the left sidebar.

Next month we'll also be looking at the current status of the upcoming project, VAMPYRIA. If VAMPYROS LESBOS could be considered his first female vampire film this year mark's the 40th anniversary of that key title and the tragic death of its star, Soledad Miranda.

In the near future I'll also be doing some shot-by-shot examinations certain sequences in Jess Franco films, this is something I've been wanting to do for some time.


halfscope said...

Midnight Party ? Radeck aka Durand ?

Robert Monell said...

Not Midnight Party. But it's a good guess since the film in question was made the same year. Thanks for the guess.

Alex B. said...

Looking forward to the shot-by-shot JF analysis!