24 May, 2010


Here's a classic issue of Louis Paul's marvelous 1990's zine BLOOD TIMES. Signed by the late Paul Naschy this issue also featured my essay on several early 1980's Jess Franco films, looking at them as a distinct thematic/stylistic unit while examining their look, sound and feel. I still have my issue and feel proud to have been a contributor. 

Thanks to Louis Paul for the zine memories.

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Tom B. said...

I loved those days of fanzines. There's something about holding a magazine in your hands that can't be replaced by a computer. Thanks for posting that issue.

Henry said...

What a tease!!! Come on post the whole issue for us poor saps who are stuck with nothing more then computer screens to read them.

I'm actually marketing a spray that is condensed old book smell for when I have to read on the computer.