17 May, 2010

ANTONIO OZORES (1928-2010)

Have you seen Jess Franco's first feature film?

Actor-comedian Antonio Ozores

Comedians can seem to be immortal or at least unmoved by the prospect of death. The great Spanish comic Antonio Ozores died on May 12, 2010. He appeared in over 160 films, 200 plays, acted in television and radio shows, from 1950 onward. He somewhat ironically passed away on the 80th birthday of fellow Spaniard Jess Franco who made his feature film debut in 1959 directing Ozores in TENEMOS 18 ANOS. The actor-comedian played multiple roles in that film and also co-wrote the dialogue.

Thanks to Mirek Lipinski for providing me with a video print of the film which I will finally watch this week.

(C) Robert Monell 2010

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Simon said...

This is actually one of my all-time favourite Jess Franco films. Great, surreal light comedy for adolescents. Foreshadows some of his later work (the two girls, horror elements etc.) but has a totally different feel. Labios Rojos (his 2nd) is similar and also superb.