13 January, 2009

TORREJON CITY: DVD debut of rare Leon Klimovsky western

Leon Klimovsky's 1962 R2 DVD debuted on R2 DVD in Spain last month...

Wanted on R1 DVD! EL LLANERO/THE JAGUAR, Jess Franco's 1963 Venezuelan "Western"...

Leon Klimovsky's rarely seen 1962 Spanish comedy-western TORREJON CITY is now available on PAL R2 DVD from Vellavision. This is the first ever DVD presentation of this title of which I am aware.

The film features popular Spanish comedian Tony Leblanc as Tim el Malo.

Technical specs look pretty basic with a 4:3 presentation in Spanish language only and no supplements. Video and audio quality are up in the air at this point but it's good nonetheless to have this very early Spanish western on DVD. Klimovsky directed another 9 Spanish lensed westerns from the early 60's into the 1970's.

It would be very nice to have R1 DVD presentations of former Klimovsky collaborator Jess Franco's equally obscure Spanish western related work: the two 1954 "El Coyote" films he co-wrote and co-directed with Joaquin Romero Marchent, EL COYOTE and LA JUSTICIA DEL COYOTE, based on the Zorro-like stories of Jose Mallorqui Figueroa; a complete version of Marchent's Franco-scripted LA VENGANZA DEL ZORRO (1962) and Franco's own EL LLANERO (1963) featuring a very hot Silvia Sorente (CASTLE OF BLOOD).

I'll try to include a review of the TORREJON CITY DVD by myself or one of our Spanish correspondents in the near future.

[Technical specs from the DVDGO site]
Ficha Técnica
Director León Klimovsky
Actores Tony Leblanc, May Heatherly, Mara Laso, Mary Begoña, Antonio Garisa, Venancio Muro, Xan das Bolas
Duración 79 min
Distribuidor VellaVision
Discos 1
Región 2
Video Pal
Idiomas Audio Dolby Digital 5.1: Español . Dolby Digital 2.0: Español

TORREJON CITY can be ordered from www.dvdgo.com

Thanks to Nzoog for additional information on this film and DVD release.

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