10 October, 2008

This Week's Quiz

The questions are: Who is the Spanish actor-director seen above in an image from one of the 1960s Spaghetti Westerns in which he appeared? He would go on to become involved in two Jess Franco films. Please name those films and identify the exact nature of his involvement.

Thanks to Bertrand Van Wonterghem for the image.


tubbytoast said...

This is Julio Perez Tabernero.
He was an actor in Jess Franco "2 undercover girls".

Robert Monell said...

That is correct, Tubbytoast. He also was involved with one other Franco project. Can anyone ID that? Thanks for your participation.

filomeno2006 said...


Robert Monell said...

Thanks filomeno2006, he was also the post production director of the Spanish version of THE MIDNIGHT PARTY titled PORNO DAMA aka LADY PORNO