20 June, 2008


I found this email from Carlos Aguilar in my inbox today. His new book, co-authored by Anita Haas, on the recently deceased American actor John Phillip Law, looks like a must-have. Carlos is a friend and one of Spain's eminent film historians with numerous published articles and books [including one on Jess Franco, with whom he worked on several of the director's 1980's Golden Films Productions] to his credit.

John Phillip Law had a long, compelling career as an actor and I look forward to reading and reviewing this book which has arrived just at the right time.

Thanks, Carlos. [Robert Monell]

John Phillip Law's Book‏
From: carlos aguilar

Hello everybody,

One month after the death of our dear friend John Phillip Law, our book on him finally exists. Almost 300 pages, nearly 600 images (photos, posters, lobbycards, etc), filmography and bibliography, prologue by Ray Harryhausen... in a beautiful bilingual Spanish/English edition, called "John Phillip Law. Diabolik Angel".

The cover is attached.

Information and orders: www.scifiworld.es/diabolikangel/

Thanks a lot, and may John live on in our memory.


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scott said...

It's too bad that he didn't write the Franco book with a more neutral tone on films he stated to have not seen. With their previous association, he should have at least gave Jess that much justice.

Alicia Rojo said...

Carlos Aguilar is great, I love his books! I want "John Phillip Law. diabolik angel" right now!

Kaimor said...

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Robert Monell said...

Scott: I don't always agree with what Carlos writes or some of his opinions, especially about the later Franco films in the 80s onward, but I have come to admire his industry and versatility as a writer. I will be writing more about Franco's underrated 80s films...

Robert Monell said...

Welcome, Alicia. Are you from Spain? Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah, I can't wait to see this book.

Robert Monell said...

Welcome, Kairmor, thanks for you compliments. I myself am a ranked maritial artist in Okinawan Go Ju Ru and I also practive Tai Chi dialy and I love marital arts films. Looking for your site.

scott said...

Well, I too believe a critic/viewer has whatever right to form an opinion about a work they see. However, what he says about an unseen film of Franco's SEX CHARADE, seems to sum up the tone of the book. Unless we're reading a poor english translation but I have a feeling the translation is right.
Not sure I agree with a lot of his 80s Franco comments either, but at least he actually viewed those!

Elise said...

Interesting to know.