28 June, 2008

CANNIBAL TERROR is coming, PAPAYA is here!

The German "Red Edition" DVD of CANNIBAL TERROR. The upcoming Severin DVD [Jul. 29 is the new street date] should be definitive and hopefully make these previous versions obsolete.

Frequent Jess Franco actor-production manager Antonio Mayans aka Robert Foster takes Pamela Stanford (LORNA, THE EXORCIST) out for a walk in the jungle and then things get complicated! No wonder it was banned in the UK! A screenshot from another European DVD, see cover below.

Previous R2 DVD. See footage from Jess Franco's MONDO CANNIBALE aka CANNIBALS (1980) recycled in the jaw dropping, gut munching European Trash
Cinema [this film really defines that term] epic TERREUR CANNIBALE aka CANNIBAL TERROR! And yes, it was a Video Nasty.

I received a notice from Severin Films that their DVD of Alain Deruelle's (as Allan W. Steeve) CANNIBAL TERROR, the 1981 Eurocine backed excursion into Le Bad Cinema Cannibal terrain, has been rescheduled for release on July 29th. This will be the first US DVD presentation of this title.

In the meantime I have watched Severin's new DVD of Joe D'Amato's intriguing 1978 melange of tropical voodoo rites, gore, late 70's style soft core interludes and Third World politics, PAPAYA: LOVE GODDESS OF THE CANNIBALS. I will post my review as soon as possible.

(C) Robert Monell, 2008

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