08 May, 2008


A review with a vintage fotobusta for the 1969 Edoardo Mulargia Spaghetti Western SHANGO, LA PISTOLA INFALLIBILE is now up on CINEMADROME, just click on the link at the top of the sidebar at left and go to the most recent post on the 100 SELECT EUROWESTERNS folder.

Quiz Question: What did Jess Franco say in an interview about the prospect of directing Anthony Steffen in a Eurowestern? [Hint: He wasn't a Steffen fan]


Nzoog Wahrlfhehen said...

All I know is that Franco didn't like Spaghetti westerns. He claims he was about to be offered a western, starring two Americans (one of them Broderick Crawford), but when they were replaced by Steffen and Garko, he said no. Whether this story he told is true or apocryphal I don't know. Steffen and Garko did indeed work together, but the coincidence of the two in Franco's story seems to me a little "too good to be true"

Robert Monell said...

MUTINY AT FORT SHARP w Broderick Crawford or MILLE DOLLARI SUL NERO w Garko and Steffen?

Nzoog Wahrlfhehen said...

Franco claims it was an OK Corral affair. This is in the Carlos Aguilar interview. He says he was offered the OK Corral story with Crawford and another American actor and that he would be given high production values. Later, he was told it was going to be Garko and Steffen instead, so he left the project. Personally, it doesn't ring true with me; it sounds made-up.