03 February, 2008


Would I rather watch the Superbowl or William Beaudine's 1944 B masterwork VOODOO MAN? Bring back the 1970's Steelers and I might reconsider but I'll take "One Shot" Bill's delightful Bela-makes-female-somnambulists-for-Monogram item, thank you. The mere sight of John Carradine's voodoo drum playing delirium seals it for me, not to mention Bela Lugosi's voodoo ceremony get-up and the truly out of this world dialogue, "Emotion to Emotion!" Don't let the postage stamp budget fool you, I would even praise Beaudine's always dismissed abilities as a director. Some of the shots of the zombie girls walking about the Marlowe estate are nicely atmospheric. It's not on any home video or DVD presentation I know of outside of that CREEPY CLASSICS DVD R. It would be nice to have it on a good quality DVD. Not that it's an IMPORTANT discovery, but I like it. Beaudine also directed the pioneer sexploitation epic MOM AND DAD and the non expliotation LASSIE TV series! Not to mention hundreds of other B movies and TV shows, he's even more prolific than Jess Franco! I'll be doing a longer blog on "One Shot" in the future...

I made a call.... but couldn't get any answers! Maybe Ramboona will hear me: Where's my VOODOO MAN?! Or is it THE VOODOO MAN? Or does it really matter?

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