19 July, 2007

The Robert De Nesle Legacy

Robert De Nesle's C.F.F.P. was one of four European Production companies which bankrolled this wonderful template for the 3 FANTASTIC SUPERMEN films. I do wish this outrageously entertaining Eurospy adventure-comedy were available on US DVD in it's original aspect ratio. The colorful cinematography, catchy-campy music and enthusiastic direction of Gianfranco Parolini aka Frank Kramer highlight the high rolling antics of Brad Harris, Tony Kendall, Nick Jordan and co. And how about Sabine Sun and Gloria Paul?! Supersexy Women from an era when we didn't have to worry about being Politically Incorrect....

Thrills from a simpler, less cynical time which I find myself much more in synch with than today's CGI powered Superhero epics.

Just scroll down two blogs for a comprehensive listing of C.F.F.P. productions and coproductions with IMDB links.

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