08 March, 2007


In answer to our quiz question in the previous EUROSPY FILES entry: It's Roger Browne in Osvaldo Civriani's OPERAZIONE POKER (1965), a rather lavish affair, moving from the dangerous backstreets of Casablance to a Scandanavian brewery which is the cover for the usual worldclass villainy. Colorful stuff scored by Piero Umiliani, who provided more catchy, frenetic Eurogenre soundtracks during the 1960s than anyone else (my favorite are his happy-to-be-crazy cues for Mario Bava's minimalist madcap FIVE DOLLS FOR AN AUGUST MOON).

Roger Browne acted in a bunch of subsequent Eurospy adventures including the underrated and oddly titled RIFIFI IN AMSTERDAM, returned in KILL AGENT GORDON when not taking time out to embody the masked supervillain in ARGOMAN, all stylishly directed by the talented Sergio Greico (as Terence Hathaway). Reportedly, Roger later retired and worked as a chiropractor. Roger could be considered the King of the mid budgeted 1960s Eurospy film. I'll take him over any and all of the post Sean Connery Bonds.

Above is an image, also from OPERAZIONE POKER, of an actress who could be considered the Queen of the 60's Eurospy genre. Can anyone ID her?

BTW, after looking at the filmography I calculate that our subject Jess Franco may be the most prolific director of Eurospy films. He seems to have made more than any other single director from 077: OPERATION JAMAICA (1962) up to IS COBRA THE SPY? in the mid 1980s. My favorite is the satire LUCKY, THE INSCRUTABLE (1967).

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Craig Ledbetter said...

Of course it's Helga Line!

Robert Monell said...

Absolutely correct, Craig! And welcome to the blog. Great to see you here. It goes without saying that Craig's ETC is a terrific source for most of the films discussed here. You sure ain't going to find Eurospy obscurities like OPERATION POKER and Jess Franco alternated versions on DVD at your local WALMART! I know our readers and myself would appreciate you chiming in with any new Eurospy, JF arrivals which are on our minds.

JohnBraun said...

kXtAZe write more, thanks.