08 November, 2006


In serious search of any adverts, posters, etc. with the MOTHERS OF AMERICA titling of Jess Franco's Harry Alan Towers 1968 production best known as THE GIRL FROM RIO [aka FUTURE WOMEN, SUMURU 2, RIO 70].
I don't believe it was ever issued under this title, but that adwork was prepared for the US theatrical release, which never happened. The imbd lists MOTHERS OF AMERICA as its USA Poster title.

There's still at least one more version of this film to discuss, the rarely seen German language DIE SIEBEN MANNER DER SUMURU, a completely different edit, which is, in my opinion, the most interesting alternate version. I'm preparing a special look at this with some comments by leading man Richard Wyler, whom I interviewed some years ago on the making of this film. He wasn't very happy with Jess Franco or the resulting film, to put it mildly...

It's certainly a more compelling title than THE GIRL FROM RIO!

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