17 November, 2006


Here's an ultrarare title from 1970, made on leftover time during the shoot of EUGENIE, with Soledad Miranda and Paul Muller. The estimable M. Muller told me that Franco didn't inform the cast that this was a separate movie project and they all thought they were shooting more scenes for EUGENIE. It was shot with the actors speaking English onset from pages written by Jess Franco right before each take. He said the filming took place in late January 1970. Muller was furious, and remains furious more than 35 years later that Jess got him to appear in two films while he was only paid for one. That's how you make a Jess Franco film!

I'm not sure if the rights holder has all the proper elements to actually do a DVD release at this point. I've heard that Eurocine may or may not have all the materials. If they do, I wish they would make it available for release. It sounds fascinating and you can't go wrong with Soledad Miranda, Jack Taylor, Diana Lorys, Howard Vernon, Paul Muller for a cast. A Liechtenstein production (Vaduz) featuring a Bruno Nicolai score [which I'd love to hear]. Maria Rohm is also listed by OBSESSION among the cast, but I wonder if that's correct. I also wonder if some of this was shot during the NIGHTMARES COME AT NIGHT shoot in mid 1969. With Jess Franco it's hard to be exactly sure, even if your onset. Reportedly there is a double plot: a crime story involving a criminal holding a woman captive and another interior narrative.

Muller seemed to think it was not completed which might explain why there has never been a theatrical or an vido release of any version. I hope he's mistaken and it does indeed someday appear as did EUGENIE, HER JOURNEY INTO PERVERSION and NIGHTMARES... after decades of unavailability.

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sergio olivari said...

yes pleasee we need this on dvd, as you´ve said you cannot go wrong with these ingredients, and another nicolai score waiting to be discovered is something to be held in close attention